Letter from Barton Clough headmaster

Dear Parent/Carer

You may be aware that the council is planning to make significant cuts to may services. This includes proposals to close many school crossing patrols.

After assessing local crossing patrols they will no longer staff the crossing at Barton Road / Curzon Road and Barton Road / Moss Vale Crescent.

As a school we feel strongly that given how busy Barton Road is, particularly on the bend at Moss Vale Crescent, it increases the risk for our children crossing at these points without crossing staff to support them. Many of our children cross here all year round, as they get older many cross here on their own and so rely upon the staff to see them over safely.

I will be writing on behalf of the Governors to express our concerns at the prospect of these closures. Consultation on this proposal will end on 12th Decemberr 2014.

If you share these concerns I would encourage you to email Colin Maycroft, Service Operations Manager before the consultation period closes. he can be emailed at scp@trafford.gov.uk.

Yours sincerely

R Chrysler